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The Fine Print
We will be sharing your story on social media, with your pictures. All of our accounts are public, so if you are not open with your struggles, keep that in mind before applying.

Proceeds and donations are NOT guaranteed during your 2 week campaign.

Direct donations made through our website will be included in your FINAL amount at the end of the two weeks. A small fee is deducted from the donation (it goes straight to Paypal, not us).

We encourage our participants to share Project 1:8 with as many people as possible, directing them to the appropriate websites, links etc. The more you promote our website and products, the higher the chance of you raising more funds. We will not be responsible for sole promotions, outside of our daily advertising.

For privacy reasons, we cannot release the names of those who placed orders during your campaign.

You will need to supply 3-6 good quality photos of yourself, your family etc., for us to use during our promotion of your campaign.

Raised funds will be released to you within 48 hours of your campaign end date. Payment is sent through either Paypal or Venmo.

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