Application for Honorarium/Scholarship/Continuing Education Funds
TdS reimburses institutions for up to $600 of the cost of continuing education for an employee. You will be notified whether or not your application is approved.  After you complete your continuing education, please complete a final report, including copies of receipts. We will then reimburse your institution.
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What are the total costs to attend? Please put each cost on one line. Costs that can be reimbursed include registration, lodging, transportation, and substitute worker wages. All reimbursed costs must have receipts or other formal documentation. *
How much are you asking from TdS? ($600 max. limit.) *
When the CE support budget is tight, we restrict funds to those who haven't had recent support. When was the last time you received an honorarium or continuing education support from TdS? *
To be reimbursed, you will need to write thank you letters to your state representatives for the funding to attend (multicounty multitype regional library systems funding), send us copies of receipts, and complete a short online form which includes a short report of what you learned. *
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