Abstract Submission Form

1. Abstracts Guidelines

• Please read carefully each item below.

• Before submitting your abstract check the instructions for abstract preparation and submission (please see Guidelines for Abstract Submission, item 3).

General Information

a. Abstracts should report research data or developing information on HIV/AIDS-related topics. Case reports will be also considered if provides clinically important information about uncommon conditions related to the field. Please be aware that only the abstracts reporting original data will be eligible. Studies published in scientific journals or simple description of planned or intended studies will be rejected.

b. The person who submits the abstract should be the first author and the presenter, if accepted.

c. If an abstract is accepted, the first/presenting author must be registered in the course.

d. Each person is allowed to submit only one (1) abstract and it could be included as coauthor in other abstracts.

e. The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by a scientific program committee (CAC, Comissão de Assessoria Científica). The abstracts will be selected on the basis of their medical and/or scientific significance, timeliness, quality of data, methodology adequacy, adherence to specific format requirements, and other criteria described herein.

f. If accepted, the abstracts will be presented in the form of Poster Session.

g. There will not be oral presentation sessions.

h. After you submit your abstract, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

i. The first author of accepted and presented poster will receive:
• One (1) specific certificate of poster presentation. This certificate will be only available for presenting author. Co-authors will be listed on the certificate accordingly to the submitted abstract.
• The accepted abstract will be printed and published exactly as the file sent. Thus please ensure all special characters and formatting display correctly. All accepted abstract will be published in the 1st Annal of the Advanced Course of HIV Pathogenesis that will be available in the website of the event and as printed version.

j. The Course Committee will offer to the three (3) Best Poster Awards with prizes (money). All accepted abstracts will automatically be eligible for the Poster Award.

2. Important dates

October 3rd, 2019: Opening of Abstract Submission
February 09th, 2020: Deadline for Abstract Submission

*The Scientific Committee encourages you to submit your abstracts before the submission deadline in order to avoid potential problems due to last-minute rush and system congestion. It will be eligible the abstracts submitted until February 09th, 2020, at 11:59 pm.

February 21st, 2020: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection.

3. Instructions for abstract preparation

3.1 Cautions for preparing the abstract

Before submitting the abstract, the Scientific Committee recommends a thorough review of the abstract contents and the filled fields in the abstract submission system to avoid any grammar and spelling mistakes. NO REVISIONS will be allowed after the abstract submission.

3.2 Required abstract format

a. Prepare the abstract in a text editor (eg. Micrsoft Word) using a font size Arial 11pt, single line spacing, and justified aligned.

b. The abstract must be written in ENGLISH.

c. Scientific names and terms must be mandatorily italicized according to the ABNT rules (eg., Aedes aegypti).

d. Do not add any bibliographic reference, tables, graphics or figures.

e. Do not use tabs, paragraphs with indents, automatic markers or special characters. For special characters follow the examples below:
TNFα = TNFalpha; H2O = H2O; x2 = type x2.

3.3 Abstract submission: fields for filling and characters limit

For submitting an abstract you have to fill several fields at the abstract submission page.

a. Information about first/presenting author (including full name, e-mail address, degree) (Fields 1 to 3)

b. Information about the abstract (Fields 4 to 18)

Field 4: Modality of abstract: Basic Research or Clinical Research.

Field 5: Title (in CAPS, except scientific names).

Field 6: Keywords (minimum of 3 and maximum of 5)

Field 7: Author’s name, e-mail address and institutional affiliation

Fields 8 to 15: Coauthors’ names, e-mail addresses and institutional affiliation

Fields 16, 17 and 18: Introduction and Objective(s), Material(s) and Method(s), and Result(s) and Conclusion(s), respectively. Altogether must have a total of 2500 characters with space.

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