Mosses and Marshes Values. Voices. Actions.
This form provides a way for anyone to contribute to the conversation around what values we place on special environments like the Mosses and Marshes, and how those values might shape our thinking and understanding of these places. We're also keen to know what voices are missing from the conversation about the future of these environments, and what actions you think might make a difference to their future and the communities connected to them.

This survey is the follow-up to the online Mosses and Marshes International Panel Discussion held on 11 November 2021. This event brought together a panel of natural resource managers, scientists, academics, and cultural consultants from Australia and the UK to consider current values, ways of understanding and thinking about our natural world, and how and what we may need to make important decisions about their future. The panel responded to a series of pre-recorded provocations from natural resource managers, land managers, artists, and wetland community members in front of a live audience.

This is a community engagement extension activity of the international Mosses and Marshes project, co-led by artists Kim V. Goldsmith (Australia) and Andrew Howe (UK). Find more information about Mosses and Marshes at &

You may choose to answer just one of these questions, or all of them. There are no right or wrong answers and even though this response requires the provision of an email address*, the responses will be considered anonymously. Should you wish to be part of any follow-up by the artists, you may choose to provide your name and email address. Only responses with contact details will receive further correspondence. To follow this project follow the artists on Instagram @goldsmithsstudio or @andhowenow.

*The provision of an email address allows us to automatically send you a copy of your response, and to edit your response after you've submitted it...just in case you change your mind about something.

Header image: The cover of the Mosses and Marshes book (available via the artists' websites). Photos of the Mosses and Marshes by Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith, with graphic overlay by Uncle Kevin 'Sooty' Welsh.

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Where are you from?
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Are the current values — economic, cultural, social, and environmental values, used to make decisions about the wetlands, enough for future decision-making?
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Tell us more about why you answered yes, no, or not sure above.
Are there other forms of knowledge or ways of understanding that we need to be paying attention to?
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Tell us more about why you answered yes, no, or not sure above.
Are there voices missing in the conversation about the future of these special environments?
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Tell us more about why you answered yes, no, or not sure above. If you answered yes, we'd like to know who you think needs to have a greater voice in the future of our wetlands and other special natural environments, why they are important, and how they might be engaged. (Please don't name people in your response.)
What changes or actions do you think might make a difference to the future of these landscapes and the communities connected to them.
What timeframes should we be thinking about and working with regarding plans for the future of the environment (beyond election cycles)? How might we shift thinking towards much longer timeframes, beyond human lifespans?
Do you have any general comments about your individual experience of wetlands or other issues that the discussion might have brought to mind? (Assuming you've watched the Discussion Panel video or parts of it.)
Would you be prepared to share more of your thoughts with the project's artists? If yes, please provide your contact details below. We'll be in touch with you.
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