Hangout-a-thon 2019 Expression of Interest
Can you help us find creative solutions to keep CosmoQuest going until we can get new grant funding?
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Please tell us a little about yourself
This will get used to match guests, and to best assign tasks for volunteers.
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Twitch channel
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Phone number
to be used for tech issues with people visiting the stream
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How can you help? Check all that apply
If you want to provide (and mail) a giveaway, what is it?
Please let us know if it is limited to US or another nation.
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If you are interested in being a guest, what would you want to do, discuss, or perform?
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Can you suggest any other possible sponsors or guests?
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When are you available?
When can you be part of the Hangout-a-thon? (NOTE: WE END MIDNIGHT EASTERN SUNDAY)
8am E / 5am P
9am E / 6am P
10am E / 7am P
11am E / 8am P
12pm E / 9am P
1pm E / 10am P
2pm E / 11am P
3pm E / 12pm P
4pm E / 1pm P
5pm E / 2pm P
6pm E / 3pm P
7pm E / 4pm P
8pm E / 5pm P
9pm E / 6pm P
10pm E / 7pm P
11pm E / 8pm P
12am E / 9pm P
1am E / 10pm P
2am E / 11pm P
3am E / 12am P
4am E / 1am P
5am E / 2am P
6am E / 3am P
7am E / 4am P
Saturday, Dec 21
Sunday, Dec 22
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