Iowa Homeland Security Emergency Management: Emergency Procurement
Please note, this is NOT A REQUEST FOR QUOTATION, but an attempt to identify resources available in the event of an emergency.  If you would like to be considered as a vendor resource in these events, please complete and submit this form.  This solicitation is separate from Master Agreements and Targeted Small Business status and all vendors are welcome to complete this form.  

The Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEMD) has created a Qualified Vendor List for use in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).  This list includes responding vendors who are willing and able to provide the items from the form list with tax-exemption and expedited delivery.  This list is available to all State and local agencies responding to an emergency via the SEOC. The responses on the form will be entered into database and monitored by HSEMD.

For questions, please contact the HSEMD Purchasing team via email ( or at 515-725-3203.

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Vendor Information
Legal Business Name *
Alternate Name (DBA)
While not required, registration as a vendor with the State of Iowa, is strongly recommended.   For very good information on the vendor process in general, but focused on bidding opportunities rather than emergency purchasing, please see the following website:   This site has an option for vendor self serve (VSS) registration, which is designed for first time vendors to respond to a specific Request for Bid or Proposal.  

However, it may be more efficient for you to allow HSEMD to assign a vendor identification number to you at the time of purchase.  HSEMD can enter your information into the state system, with the information provided on a copy of the W9 for the "Legal Business Name" above.  Once HSEMD has established a vendor identification number, it will allow for accurate and speedy ordering and payment for all purchases and will also serve you on all future transactions including Requests for Bid or Proposal.  
Contact Name(s)
Contact Position Title(s)
Phone Number (24 Hour) *
Emergency contact number for procurement. Phone will be primary contact method during emergency.                           Enter as xxx-xxx-xxxx
Phone Number (Main Business)
This number will be used for non-emergency contact such as billing.                                                                                         Enter as xxx-xxx-xxxx
Email for Emergency Contact *
Email provided should be closely monitored, best email for quick response.
Email  for Main Business
Email used for non-emergency contact
Business Street Address *
City *
State *
Zip *
Are you a registered vendor with the State of Iowa? *
If Yes, please provide your Iowa Vendor ID #
Are you a Targeted Small Business with the State of Iowa? *
Do you have a Master Agreement with the State? *
Website URL
Enter company website URL for online ordering
Does the website you listed above allow for tax exempt purchases?
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Will you accept credit card payments from the State of Iowa Purchasing Card Program? *
Terms and Conditions:
Purchases made by HSEMD are normally subject to procurement terms and conditions under both state and federal regulation.  Please take the opportunity to review the current documents prior to submitting this form.  Links can be found on the Department of Administrative Services website:

Tax Exemption:
All purchases for agencies of the State of Iowa must be tax exempt.  An "Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate" will be completed with the information found in the vendor information section of this form and sent to the business email address listed once your information is uploaded to the SEOC database.  Please keep this document on file for future use.

No Contract
Providing this information does not guarantee any purchase and does not constitute a contract with any agency.  It will serve as a source of information for all state and local agencies responding to an emergency via the State Emergency Operations Center.  This information will be entered into a database monitored by HSEMD and updated on a regular basis.
Terms and Conditions *
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