JWPC Legal Cafe Waiver
Please read each disclaimer carefully and only check "I understand and agree" if you feel comfortable with the issues explained. Thank you!
I understand there are no ongoing services: I will be taking part in a one-time legal advice clinic presented by Jason Wiener | p.c. I understand that neither Jason Wiener, Esq. nor any other volunteer attorneys are agreeing to provide advice and legal services on an ongoing basis and that no attorney-client relationship is being created here. Legal services will be limited to the advice provided during today’s session. Any ongoing or future legal services may be provided under a separate written Engagement Letter and Fee/Retainer Agreement. *
I understand the advice is limited to the attorney’s expertise: Areas of expertise vary from attorney to attorney. I may have an opportunity to meet with an attorney, and that the attorneys can only answer my questions and provide legal advice to the extent that the attorneys’ expertise allows. *
I understand that this is not a thorough review of legal issues: I understand that attorneys at today’s Legal Café are giving advice on the fly, and that the Legal Café is designed in this way to ensure that many people can get basic legal questions answered quickly. At the same time, this means that attorneys cannot do a thorough review of all legal issues relevant to my matter. I understand that the advising attorneys may even fail to spot important legal issues related to my matter. I agree to waive, release and covenant not to assert any claims and hold harmless the attorneys at the Legal Café from any claims for losses or damages that I or any third party may incur as a result of the advice I receive from the advising attorneys at this event. I understand that if I want a thorough review of legal issues, I should hire an attorney separately. *
I understand that confidentiality and attorney-client privilege are limited in this setting: Information shared during the advice session will be kept confidential by the attorneys present. However, I understand that, due to the public nature of the space, information I share may be overheard by others, and it may not be possible to protect its confidentiality. Because of the presence of students and observers, attorney-client privilege may not apply to the information I share. This means that if I am ever a party to a lawsuit, there is a chance that the volunteers or attorneys could be subpoenaed and compelled to disclose information I share during the advice session. *
I understand that Jason Wiener|p.c. cannot check for conflicts of interest: Due to the short-term, walk-in, and limited nature of the legal services provided, it is not possible for Jason Wiener|p.c. to systematically screen for conflicts of interest. For example, if I ask for advice about my dealings with a business partner, coop member, or transaction counter-party, it may turn out that Jason Wiener|p.c. has advised, or will advise in the future, the same business partner, coop member, or transaction counter-party on the same matter. I am informed of and understand this risk, and I waive now and forever all conflicts of interest that may arise during the course of or subsequent to the legal services provided to me. *
After reading everything above, I would still like to attend the Legal Café and by typing my name below I understand and agree to the limited nature of the advice being provided. NAME: *
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