Personal Well-being: Holistic Health Questionnaire (Part 1)

A. HEALTH & WELL-BEING: Health is not just the absence of disease (Sanskrit: Aarogya). True health means you “experience a high level of physical, psychological and social functioning and an active engagement with life, accompanied by minimal disease or disability until the end of life” (Sanskrit: Swaasthya). True health is ‘holistic' by definition.

B. IMMUNITY IS THE KEY: Immunity is your natural, internal, healing and defence system, which secures your health. While stress, if severe or not addressed, weakens your immunity. Simply put, reducing stress is more than just about feeling better, it is actually the best way to prevent illness. This is proven by the science of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI), which is the foundation of this questionnaire.

C. STRESS: Stress is the mental or emotional strain you experience, when the pressure on you exceeds your capacity to cope with it. Pressure can come from external circumstances, e.g. a fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle. And it can arise from internal factors: how you cope with personal challenges or respond to uncertainty. Also, while a certain amount of pressure (eustress) enhances your performance, too much pressure (distress) can cost you dearly. In this Questionnaire, you will assess different aspects of your Life style i.e. your regular habits, both behavioural and emotional..

D. PRIVACY: Your individual answers/ personal data will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with third parties.

1. This questionnaire will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please set aside sufficient 'quiet/ reflection' time.We strongly recommend that you do it on a weekend, when you are relaxed and undisturbed.
2 You will have to complete the questionnaire in one sitting. You will NOT be able to save your responses and come back to
save your responses at a later date or time.
3. Please follow the instructions carefully. In most cases, you have to select answers from the options provided; while in others, you have to enter some narrative text. Please be brief and succinct when you do this
4. It is extremely important that you be totally honest … you gain nothing by deluding yourself

1 The questionnaire is only the first step. Ultimately, the hard work of change and growth needs to be is undertaken by YOU.
2. No questionnaire can ever capture the depth, subtlety and complexity of a human being. Yet, there are certain predictable patterns that can be extracted and worked upon, to enable health and growth. That is our aspiration and our wish for you.
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