Quick Survey Greenhouse or LED Sign
We would like your input on making a decision that benefits the school. We may have some federal money available (depending on approval) that would allow us to buy a agricultural quality greenhouse or an LED Sign to post important messages. Both of these items are near the same cost. The greenhouse can be used for science, canning food, and gardening classes. We could also grow and sell plants to the community and serve produce grown at school through out the year to our children in the cafeteria.

The LED sign would be attached to the building and facing the parking lot. It would be a big upgrade from our old sign. You would be able to receive important messages regarding upcoming events when you drop off or pick up your child. These messages can be changed and updated almost instantaneously.

It is our goal to eventually add both of these additions to our campus. Right now, we may have the money (if approved by California Department of Education) for one or the other. Which of these would you like to see brought to campus first? Thanks for helping us out with this fun decision!
Would you rather have a Greenhouse or a LED school sign for Butteville Elementary?
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