Egypt Super Channel on Ustream
We are creating an Egyptian super channel for live broadcasting the events taking place in Egypt starting January 25th 2012.
It will be similar to this one ( ).
We need people with android phones or iphones, we will teach them how to do it and it won't cost them more than 30EGPs.

Why have such a project?
This project will solve several problems;
1- Citizen Journalists who are on the ground will get published live on a broader scale.
2- Documenting violations will be more efficient as it will be shot from more than one angle.
3- Light will be shed on places other than the capital.
4- The audience will have only one source of aggregated content regarding updates from citizen journalists.
5- National and international media will find it easier to get in contact with eye witnesses and citizen journalists.
6- This project can be a platform later on to easily spot any corruption as the people finally have a channel to broadcast and share any wrong doing that they witness with their own eyes.

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If you don't have a channel please create one and please include the name of your governorate between brackets after your channel name ex: John Smith (Cairo)
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Training will discuss; Citizen Journalism, video live streaming, ustream, how to make a video documentation
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