How To Make Anything - Feeling stuck?
Hello! We are in the early stages of writing a book, How To Make Anything. It’s a field-guide resource for people struggling to get started on… well, we believe the specifics of the thing you’re hoping to bring into the world is secondary to learning habits that help you get unstuck and tackle the big, difficult problems getting in your head and in your own way. Then you can truly, really, make anything.

We have lots of ideas of how we want to lay the book out and where we’re hoping to guide readers towards, feeling empowered and ambitious by the end. This survey is about helping us clarify starting points with the book’s overall structure, and also to help us connect with a wider variety of people all up against the same problem of trying to make your idea more than something just in your head.

More than anything else, we hope this book helps people wanting to make stuff get out of their own heads, get out of their own ways, and get on with understanding the engine of their own ideas.

JAY MARGALUS is a computer scientist and designer with a focus in emerging technologies. He is the Faculty Director at DePaul University's Idea Realization Lab, and a teacher in DePaul's School of Design. Jay has been making makerspaces for over a decade in and around Chicago, and literally wrote the certification on making for Caterpillar, Inc. He co-created the custom hardware games Thotcon 0x9, Thotcon 0x8, and Big Data Outbreak. You can read about Jay in the Chicago Tribune or see his recent talks and keynotes for Crowdsupply's: Teardown, the American Medical Association and Chicago Public Schools.

DAVID WOLINSKY is an author, award-winning journalist, and researcher. David is driven to write about aspects of American culture that impact everyone but aren’t fully understood. A former NBC and Onion editor, his first book ALL THE RAGE (spring 2020, Read-Only Memory) is an oral-history temperature-taking on the relationship between blame and the internet, as viewed through videogame culture. That book was an organic result of Don’t Die, an extensive independent interdisciplinary interview series founded in 2014 investigating modern crises through the lens of videogames’ creation of niche communities and the artform itself. He has written for The New Yorker, Wired, and Google Forms.

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