Ukraine - BIPOC and LGBTQ+ accomodation
This form is issued and managed by Amanda Waliszewska

Feel free to check my background, I'm a 31yo polish activist living in Stockholm, Sweden. The answers will be seen only by me and the closest people that are helping me managing evacuation for people. So far it is only Joanna Wilkus and Magda Reyman, both from Sweden.

We don't allow to check the information to any third parties, we will remove your information as soon as you will be contacted with a person in need.

If you offer inclusive space for people fleeing from Ukraine, please fill this form.
You agree to host a person/people that might be non-white, non-european, non-cis, non-straight. I want to ensure that you are able to provide inclusive space for vulnerable people that might not find shelter somewhere else.
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