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So you want to become a member of Erasmus Pride? In that case, we want to congratulate you on having excellent taste. Becoming a member is super easy. Just carefully fill out this form and just like that, you're a part of the Erasmus Pride Community.

When you're a member, a lot of perks come your way:
* Exclusive Events
* Free Entry or Discounts on Tickets for Erasmus Pride Parties
* A say in the Gay Agenda
* A loving Community
* A Safe Space on campus
* Access to events from our LBGTQ+ partners
* The chance to Boost Your CV by being a part of one of our Committees
* You're supporting a Good Cause
* Erasmus Pride will have your back when you need us
And much more, so what are you waiting for?
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The Erasmus Pride Membership fee is €20 per academic year. By becoming a member, you agree to pay the required membership fee. For any questions, feel free to contact the Treasurer of the Erasmus Pride Board :)
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Erasmus Pride has a lot of opportunities for you to become an active member. This is a great way to work on your skills and give your CV a boost. Would you be interested to join one of our committees (in the future)? *
We are very concerned with your privacy. We, of course, comply to Dutch privacy laws, which means that we will never share your personal information with third parties without your consent. Next to that, we will delete your information from our database upon request and will delete it when you are no longer a member. We will also ask for permission of publishing photos taken at our events and you can always ask for a photo to be removed by contacting the Board. By filling out this membership form, you agree with the use of your information by Erasmus Pride. Please check the box, after reading this: *
Sexuality and Gender Diversity can be touchy subjects that could require more discreteness. Would you like to be an "almost anonymous" member? This means that only the Erasmus Pride Board will know about your membership and you can use an alias at our events. We will also make sure to keep you out of pictures that are uploaded online. The Board will contact you about your prefered communication methods and possible special requests. *
If Yes, what's your alias?
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We could really use all the funds we can get, would you like to make a donation? If so, please specify the amount:
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That's it :) Please submit the form and then you'll be a member of the Erasmus Pride Community, welcome!

P.s. If you want your info changed, you can always contact the Secretary of the Board!
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