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A student's previous therapies can influence how they respond to specific techniques.
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We serve all students, regardless of behavior. Knowing what behaviors to expect, however, helps us to better prepare for the lesson.
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Unspoken Thoughts, LLC and their employees are not responsible for the actions of my child. I agree to pay Unspoken Thoughts, LLC for the scheduled time spent directly with my child and any other incurred expenses pertaining to my child's services. I agree to attend and observe my child's instruction, unless other arrangements are made. I agree to educate myself about RPM through resources available online and the recommended literature.
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Unspoken Thoughts, LLC and their employees are allowed to record or take pictures during their sessions with my child for educational purposes including, but not limited to, training, social media, and our website. Personal videotaping of sessions is allowed for any sessions, but cannot be shared publicly without permission. Any videos or material shared with the family are for personal use only and permission must be acquired before sharing.
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