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In front of you you have a first series of VISIpedia-posters. An important step is done for the development of the Visual Encyclopedia of Sustainability! Now important strategies and problems are visible - at your home, in the classroom, in your office or your workshop!

In order to widen and refine our series, we are very pleased about short or long feedback from you!

For questions or requests please mail to

Thank you for your interest & time!
Valerie Seitz & Irmgard Stelzer for the VISIpedia team
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1. What did catch your eye? Where did you start to read?
2. What do you like about the posters? What did draw your attention in particular?
3. Did you have any AHA moments? Something new to you?
4. Is there something missing or unclear?
5. How do you feel now? In which way did the posters affect you?
6. Where can you imagine our posters would be helpful? Would you buy one?
... anything else you want to tell us?
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