House of Bob 2024 Listener Survey 

Hi House of Bob patrons and listeners! Happy New Year! 

As we get things rolling over here for 2024 at the House of Bob, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and get your input on our future Patreon output.  We've been thinking about how we can provide you with more of what you want, so we've decided to create a survey.

Your personal information (names, email address, etc) is NOT being recorded by this form. 

What gets your dice rolling?

Please rank these options based on what House of Bob patron-only content you would be most interested in receivin:

Somewhat interested
"Directors" commentary on past episodes
One-Shot actual-play audio
Campaign actual-play audio
Reviews of TTRPGs or other "meta" RPG discussion
Blog posts (like the short adventures we've been publishing for the $10 level)
Casual HoB podcast where we talk about life, hobbies, pickles, etc.
Content about other kinds of games (video, board, card, etc)
A text-based RPG channel on the Discord
Listener submissions featured on the podcasts (listener named NPCs, locations, etc)
Out of the options above, which are you MOST interested in?
Want to get more specific? What House of Bob content do you want to see on Patreon in the future?

For current or past $10 patrons, what motivates you to pledge $10? What content from the tier have you enjoyed, and what content do you want more of?

For $5 patrons, what Patreon content would you like to see in order to upgrade to $10?

For those of you who have never supported us on Patreon, what sort of thing could we do on Patreon that would earn your financial support?
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