Membership Application
Thank you for your interested in membership in the Catholic Psychotherapy Association of Canada (CPAC). Our MISSION is to support Catholic mental health professionals in Canada by promoting psychological theory, research, and mental health practice that encompasses an understanding of the human person, family, and society which respects Catholic anthropology and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The membership criteria for the Association are: (a) Ongoing support of and fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic Church (including the Church's social and ethical teachings and those on marriage and family life) in one's personal and professional life; (b) Support of the mission of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association of Canada; and (c) Successful completion of the application process established by the Board of Directors.

RENEWING MEMBERS should have an up-to-date form submitted every three years, to ensure full records accuracy. Unless they are making important changes (e.g., changing membership category), renewing members need only submit appropriate payment and (for Clinical members) indicate the expiration date of their current certification.

DIOCESAN LIAISONS are contacts we have in each diocese who agree to communicate between these two bodies. Such liaisons do not pay a membership fee, though must be approved by an appropriate diocesan authority. Liaisons are also asked to completed this form for CPAC records.

NO information will be received by the Association until you click 'Submit.' The information cannot be saved in progress and therefore must be completed in one sitting.

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