Zondag 24 January - 9.00h, 14.00h or 19.00h - Online At Home - 2x 30 pijlen
Dimanche 24 Janvier - 9.00h, 14.00h ou 19.00h - Chacun à son domicil - 2x 30 flèches
Sunday January 24th - 9.00h, 14.00h or 19.00h - At your own range - WA 600-round

TIME ZONE of these sessions: CET (Amsterdam) - UTC+1 !

Deelnemers melden zich aan in de Whatsapp-groep:
Les participants joignent le group Whatsapp pour l'échange de score/photos de blasons...
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Time table per round to shoot is available on our website, also instructions on how to score.
Check it out on https://www.icenation.be !
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For IANSEO scoring, you can add up to 4 archers on 1 scoring device/smartphone if you shoot on the same terrain. Default is 1: if you are in a group, please indicate how many:
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Linked to the above previous question: who are you shooting together with?
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I've entered the competition group: http://bit.ly/60x_RemoteIndoor_Jan24 *
Ik hou het sportief, en deel na elke ronde een foto van mijn blazoen in de betreffende Whatsapp groep. Ik stem ook in met beslissingen van het "online-scheidsrechtersteam". Ik weet dat ik aan een experimenteel tornooi deelneem, en zal nadien constructieve feedback meedelen. Je respecterai le fait que je participe dans un concours expérimentiel et j'accepte les décisions du groupe en cas de discussion/doute. J'accepte de partager une photo de mon blason après chaque volée, dans ce groupe Whatsapp dédié. I accept the basic rules of this shoot, being: sportmanship first. We share targetfaces and scores. I will be given opportunity to give my feedback. *
You're welcome to donate to support future events! 👉 Link for support: GoFundMe-link: https://gf.me/u/ytkiya or PP: https://www.paypal.me/DDEMEY 🙏 - Your help in funding this, is crucial to keep the competition up! Thanks for considering it. Or join forces with your archery buddies. *
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