2024 Adelaide Artcade Application Form
Please be sure to read the following information carefully so that you are well-informed of the event and will be able to answer each question effectively and appropriately.

If you are under the age of 18 you must have a parent or legal guardian read and fill out this form on your behalf in addition to supervising you at all times during your time at the event.

General Information
If you're looking to sell your wares at the Adelaide Artcade artist alley and creator's market please fill out this form! Artcade is part of CouchWarriors SA's annual Big Cheese major - the largest fighting games event in South Australia.

This year Big Cheese 5 will be held at the St. Clair Recreation Centre in Woodville South on October 11th-13th with Adelaide Artcade running on the Saturday October 12th and Sunday October 13th.

While the Big Cheese focuses on fighting games tournaments and competitors, Artcade focusses on showcasing the talented artists and creators of the games community in South Australia and beyond. The Artcade will be open to the public and competitors of Big Cheese 5. Attendee online ticket purchasing TBA.

Please note the following trading times for Adelaide Artcade.
Day 1 - October 12, Saturday: 11AM - 5PM
Day 2 - October 13, Sunday:
11AM - 5PM

Bump-in and bump-out times will be provided in an information pack email prior to the event to successful applicants. Bump-in will be available on the Friday October 11 in addition to the morning of Saturday October 12 - times TBA in an email to successful applicants.

Full Table fees are as follows: $80
Half Table fees are as follows: $40
Double Table fees are as follows: $160 (this option will only be available to group applicants)

Artcade stallholders will be supplied:
- 1x 6ft (1.8m) trestle table - the entire table for Full Table applicants or half the table shared with another assigned stallholder for Half Table applicants. 2x 6ft (1.8m) trestle tables for Double Table applicants.

- 1x 1.2m wide x 1.8m tall partition wall for hanging artwork - the wall is to be shared by Half Table applicants. Double Table applicants receive 2x 1.2m wide x 1.8m tall partition walls.

- 2x chairs (1 for Half Table, 4 for Double Table).

- 2x exhibitor passes (1 for Half Table, 4 for Double Table).

Additional chairs, passes, and other accommodations can be requested and may incur additional fees.
At this point in time we cannot provide stallholders with electrical power (please contact us if you *must* have power at your table).
Please note that due to the allocations of tables and venue layout (subject to change) the back side of your partition wall may be shared with a stallholder directly behind you so please be mindful on how you hang and display any works/shop displays/products on the partition wall.

Additional Terms and Conditions
Artcade will not allow stallholders to display/sell/exhibit/advertise any (including but not limited to) bootlegs, art theft, hateful material, works that you have not made either by yourself or with permission/collaboration from others, works made using generative AI, NFT's, cryptocurrency, and any other such works that violate Artcade conduct which can be found here https://adelaideartcade.org/#faq.

The Big Cheese 5 will be adhering to the SSB Tournament Code of Conduct. By entering the premises of our event, you tacitly agree to these guidelines at the venue. You can refer to the Code of Conduct using these links:
The SSB Tournament Code of Conduct has rules that are more relevant for tournaments at the Big Cheese but the general idea that applies to everyone (attendees, competitors, stallholders/exhibitors, etc.) is to not be a jerk, don't harass others, and be respectful of others at the event. Thank you for your understanding.

Applications close on Friday July 26. Successful applicants will be emailed in August.
There will also be early rounds of acceptances prior to August.

Please note that email addresses are collected so that you can be sent a copy of your responses and will be used to contact you. Please use the email of the main contact if applying as a group (2 or more artists/creators).

If you have any further questions you can check out the FAQ page on our website here adelaideartcade.org/#faq or send us an email at hello@adelaideartcade.org.

- Adelaide Artcade Team

Header image photo credit: jamm ft. CatRoulette, ArcanaFinery, Candy Fae (Instagram @catroulett3, @arcanafinery, @candy.fae)
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If you are applying as a group please use the name of the main contact.
Preferred Name (Optional)
If you would prefer to be referred to as a different name such as a nickname, online handle, etc. please write it here so we can address you with a name you are comfortable with.
Contact Phone (Optional)
This is so that we have an alternate form of contact if needed.
Are you applying as a solo applicant or applying as a group?
If you would like to share your table with friends, you can apply as a group on the one application form. Artcade encourages friends and artist/creator groups to apply together - the more the merrier!

If a group of artists/creators would prefer to have their own tables they will have to apply separately - you may request to be placed next to each other but we cannot guarantee to fulfill all accommodations.
A Double Table option is also available for groups.
Artist Name(s)/Shop Name
This will be publicly displayed on the event map and related promotional material for use on the Artcade website, socials, and printed marketing materials.
Preferred Pronouns (Optional)
Tick all that apply. If applying as a group, use the pronouns of the main contact.
Where are you based?
If applying as a group and applicants are based in separate states/countries, please write all applicable answers in the "Other" option.
Although Adelaide Artcade is an event based in South Australia, interstate and international artists and creators are more than welcome and are encouraged to attend! We are asking this question to help us better understand our audience and to help organise a welcoming event for everyone.
I agree that I am over the age of 18 OR I am under the age of 18 and an adult or legal guardian has agreed to fill out this form on my behalf, and will be supervising me at all times during the event.
Adelaide Artcade and Big Cheese 5 is an all ages event but we must ask stallholders under the age of 18 to have permission from their parent or legal guardian to table at Artcade, and must be supervised by an adult at all times during the event.
Stallholders under the age of 18 will receive an additional pass free of charge for their supervising adult.
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