Fall 2020 Incoming AWHS 9th Grader Athlete Survey
We look forward to connecting with you very soon. We use a platform called TEAMSNAP for team sport communication from coaches. This is how our coaches will communicate with you starting very soon. Please help us by filling out this short survey so we can help you get connected quickly. This will also help us send all the necessary information to you regarding fall sport registration and summer workout opportunities. THIS IS NEEDED BY JUNE 24.
Student's Last Name (ex: Smith) *
Student's First Name (ex: Sam) *
Student's most used email address? (need to check this daily) *
Student email address double check (lets be sure we got it perfectly) *
Student cell phone number *
Parent's Last Name (you can add additional parent names and contact once invited to the TEAMSNAP platform) *
Parent's First Name *
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Student's School in 8th grade? *
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