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Sign up for prayer requests of any kind. "Prayer Warriors United" is a Christian Community on google+.

Please protect your identity and NEVER include your last name - ONLY FIRST NAMES PLEASE.

Also, if you are embarrassed about asking for prayer then you may change your name for the Prayer Request - God will know who we are talking about! For example - if your name is Lisa but you are embarrassed about asking for prayer, then just put your name down as "John" - God will know who we are praying for even if you use a different name.
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Remember - protect your identity & only use first names!! Also, use whatever first name you want - God will know who we are praying for!
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Please be specific without telling us your last name. Let us know what the problem is, how long you've been dealing with this issue, what has been done so far etc
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Questions or Concerns
If you have any other questions or concerns you may do so here. OR - email me: Angie at with "Prayer Warriors United" in the Subject line (Thank you)
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