IOMA Upper Midwest Osteopathic Health Conference - Overall Conference Evaluation
The responses from this survey will be used to determine if the educational experience had an impact on your practice and improved patient care, with the potential for impact on future conference opportunities. Thank you for your participation!
1. Rate the overall educational value of the Upper Midwest Osteopathic Health Conference. *
2. Rate the selection of lectures that were available to attend. *
3. Rate the relevancy of conference content to your practice. *
Not Relevant
Very Relevant
4. Rate the extent to which the information provided by the conference content will result in a change to your practice. *
Not Likely to Change Practice
Likely to Change Practice
5. Please assess the level at which the conference met your personal or professional learning objectives. *
Did Not Meet Objectives
Met Objectives
6. Are you a current IOMA Member? *
7. What educational topics would you like to see at a future conference? *
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8. Do you have suggestions for future conference locations? *
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9. Do you have suggestions for future conference scheduling? *
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10. Are you interested in serving on the Education Committee? *
11. Additional Comments:
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