2021 Live Services
If you would like to come to our live Sunday morning services, taking place at 09:30 and 11:00 at 10 Hill Street, please sign up using the form below. These questions are to ensure that we can take the highest precautions to ensure the safety of all who come to our services. Please note by filling in this form you give Every Nation consent, to collect, process and store your information, The information collected will be collected in a lawful manner and stored securely and will not be distributed to third parties without your consent.

Should you wish to see how many people have already signed up for the service, please go to bit.ly/ServiceNr.

Four very important things to note:

1) Every person, regardless of age or whether they are a visitor or regular member, must be signed up individually. Should you be bringing friends, please ask them to sign up/input their information for them by choosing the 'add another response' option at the end of this form. If you are bringing children, please input their information for them by choosing the 'add another response' option at the end of this form.

2) You must please sign up for every week that you wish to come to the services. People may sign up in advance, if they are absolutely sure they will be there for the service. Should you decide, before the day before the service, that you are no longer able or willing to come, please contact Dani at dani.k@engrahamstown.org so that she may remove your name from the list and give it to another person potentially on the 'waiting list'. Please do not take a space that you cannot fill, as this can potentially prevent somebody else being able to come to the service that Sunday.

3) Should you start feeling sick or come into contact with a person with a high potential of having COVID or any other illnesses, including the flu, we ask that you please stay at home to love, respect and protect those coming to our services.

4) We will be taking temperatures at the door, and therefore ask that you arrive before 09:30 and 11:00 so that there is no long line to get in. Masks are mandatory and must please be worn throughout the service, even during worship.

5) In the unlikely event that there are people who have not signed up for the service but who show up on Sunday morning to a fully booked service, we will start giving away the booked seats of those who are not at church by 09:40 and 11:10.

Please note that your information will be deleted from our database by no later than 24 hours after the service to ensure the safety of your data.
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