Our Corona Diary – Consent Form

Our Corona Diary is a not for profit project to get children and young people to document the experience of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. It was organised by a team of volunteers made up of writers for children Addy Farmer, Matt Killeen, Candy Gourlay, Jo Wyton and founder Kathryn Evans.

From July 2020 until the yet undefined end of the Quarantine period, Our Corona Diary will be collecting and archiving diary entries created by children and young people during the Coronavirus Pandemic. These may be diary entries or diaries themselves. We will archive and catalogue these on the website in blog form, with a view to publishing a book anthology of Corona diary entries. Find out more on the website https://www.ourcoronadiary.com.

We are delighted to announce that we are now open for submissions.


As part of our duty of care we will proceed as follows:

• We cannot accept submissions directly from children. Submissions must be made via responsible adults: parents teachers or carers. If you are a teacher submitting work from a class, please make sure you have obtained consent from parents.

• Please can the responsible adult complete the consent form below

• Upon completing the consent form, you will be notified by email with the address to which you can send your entry.

• Copyright is entirely owned by the creator of the entry. Our Corona Diary does not intend to profit from this work.


We will only use your data to communicate with you about the Our Corona Diary project and your submission. We promise never to sell or use your data for anything else.


By completing this consent form, you agree that you consent that:

• Our Corona Diary may publish the diary extracts or other diary entries you submit in blog form.

• That Our Corona Diary may digitally enhance the artwork submitted (examples of enhancement: brightening, contrast, improving colour saturation).

• That Our Corona Diary may edit text entries for purposes of fluency, grammar and clarity, without altering the author's intent or voice.

• Please specify by ticking the relevant entry below if you would agree for the work to be included in a future printed book anthology.

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Please indicate name and age of child/young person who is submitting work or, if submitting work on behalf of a group, please indicate age range. Please let us know if any entries need to be anonymous. *
Name of school or organization, if any
Do you have permission to submit all the entries you are sending?
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Do you grant Our Corona Diary permission to reproduce the diaries you are submitting, in whole or in part, on our website?
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Do you grant Our Corona Diary permission to reproduce the diaries you are submitting, in whole or in part, in a future printed book anthology?
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I confirm all of the above is true. By clicking yes, you are legally signing this agreement electronically. *
Do you wish to tell us anything else or ask any questions? Please make sure you have entered the correct email address above so that we can respond
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