CARA - Klondike Derby Public Service Event
CARA volunteer sign up form for the BSA Klondike Derby on 26 JAN 2019 - at Patapsco - McKeldin Area
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Can you support a trail position
Trail Position - requires a moderate amount of walking on trails and/or shadowing BSA event leads. Operators will be required to self sustain on the trail.
Can you support a fixed position
Fixed Position - requires some walking, but operating mostly from a fixed position
Can you assist at Net Control
Net Control Assistant - serve as alternate net control and take notes as needed
Can you provide cross-band repeat capability?
We have a few locations on the trail that are difficult to reach. We are contemplating setting up one or more stations in a fixed location to operate in cross-band repeat. You would need a mobile radio, antenna, and sufficient power for the radio to operate with high duty cycle.
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