Cryption Clan Application
All applicants must fill out this application in order to be considered for the clan. Cryption is a WarRock based clan that is completely chilled out and just wants to have a good time. English speaking, Teamspeak and being mature are the most important qualities that we seek for our small clan/community. Make sure you are 100% honest with your answers, as there is no point in wasting each other's time.
WarRock Nickname
Your answer
How old are you?
Your answer
What country are you from?
Your answer
Are you friends with someone in the clan? If so, who?
Your answer
Have you done any of the following in the last 6 months? (just be honest, we don't care)
If you ticked any boxes in the previous question, tell us why you did those things
Your answer
Do you agree to play legit?
How good is your English (speaking)?
Do you have a working microphone?
Do you have any experience with Teamspeak 3?
How active are you on the PC / WarRock? (we will also check you on Wa-Sta)
Your answer
Do you have any Funwar / Clanwar / ESL experience? Tell us about your WarRock career
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Are you familiar with tactics, callouts, positioning, etc?
Do you actively use any of the following websites:
Why do you want to join Cryption?
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Any final words? (optional)
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