Client File Retention Policy Election Form
Destruction or Return of Closed Paper Files in Possession of Ross, Brittain & Schonberg Co., LPA
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File Retention
At this time, RBS respectfully requests that you make a one-time election regarding paper files that RBS already determined to be closed, or will determine to be closed in the future, pursuant to our Record Retention Policy. Of course, you can change your election in the future with timely written notice given to RBS. Please note that closed files for matters undertaken for your company by RBS after 2008 will continue to be stored and maintained electronically by RBS.

Currently, you have the following options with respect to closed paper files:

1. RBS will securely destroy your company’s closed paper files, at no cost to your company;


2. RBS will return your company’s closed paper files to you at your company’s expense. Should you desire to have your company’s closed paper files returned to you, please contact your assigned paralegal at RBS for a price quote. Pricing will vary depending on the number of closed paper files in the possession of RBS.

Please be assured that destruction of all closed paper files will adhere to the RBS HIPPA Policy and the RBS Record Retention Policy. Copies of both RBS Policies are available upon written request.

If you fail to make an election within 30 days following the date of this letter, RBS will assume that you want your company’s closed paper files to be destroyed at no cost to your company, in accordance with the RBS HIPPA Policy and the RBS Record Retention Policy.

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