Harry Forsdick Art Sales
This is the order form for Harry Forsdick's paintings.

With the exception of the painting choice(s) section, all of the illustrations will show the "Cuba Yellow Car" painting. Rest assured that your choice(s) in the Paintings section will be the paintings you choose.

The prices of framing at Easy Canvas Prints changes from week to week due to their constant changing discounts. Current prices can be seen at: https://forsdick.weebly.com/art-sales-easy-canvas.html

You can choose multiple paintings if they are all the same size and framing or no-framing choice. If you wish to order different sizes or framing choices, you must submit multiple orders with the same choice for size and framing choice for each order. There is no difference in price for multiple orders.

Every purchase will be a two step process with human intervention (me) verifying your choices. I will send you an email with the set of choices you have made as well as an invoice for your choices. This invoice will include a URL to PayPal with the exact amount of the purchase.

If you are satisfied with the invoice, then please pay using your credit card. Once I receive notification that you have payed for your order, I will place your order with Easy Canvas Prints.

Alternatively, If you want to make changes to your order, then please reply to my email with your changes.

Thank you.

-- Harry Forsdick
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