The Impact of Trucking
Oregon Trucking Associations (OTA) wants a better idea of the impact the trucking industry has on the community. This includes the number of people we employ (not just drivers), our volunteerism and donations to charities, and more. We hope to use this information to create some pieces to help promote trucking/logistics as a career, promote a better image to the public, and make sure we are well-represented in the legislature. If you do not have anything to list for any of the items below, write "NA" or leave blank. Thank you in advance for your help!
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# Full-Time (W-2) Employees:
# Part-Time (W-2) Employees:
Total # (W-2) Drivers:
# Independent Contractors (1099, including Drivers/Owner Operators):
Total Donations ($ Amount) to Charitable Organizations in 2017:
Total # Volunteer Hours to Charitable Organizations by Company Employees in 2017:
Names of Charitable Organizations Your Company Supported in 2017 (Monetarily and/or Through Volunteerism):
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