Urgent roles needed for WtSS 2017
Planning and organizing such a great event like Where the Sheep Sleep is picking up pace quickly. And with that we really mean FAST. Oh my, the things that need to be done before we can spend this fantastic weekend together!

Therefore we are looking for experienced and committed co-leads in the following area’s.

Together with the Event Lead you are responsible for production of the event and working with all sub-teams (Art, Music and Performance; Communication; Infrastructure, Safety; Volunteers; etc.) to create and shape the event. May be mentored by Production and Admin Full-Year Team. Must have event experience! Role can be demanding, so you must be stress-resistant ;-).

Responsible for creating and executing communications and publicity materials and communication & publication plan with their team. Works in cooperation with the BMNL Comms-team, who can advise, support and train.
Ideally has project management experience, social media and writing skills, familiar with software for e-newsletters (mailchimp) and cms (wordpress), and PR experience when working directly with media.

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