Questions From the Pew!
What would you love hear explained from our platform? Throughout the summer, Gene Tempelmeyer and Sam Lee will speak on topics you submit. Please write a question you would like us to answer or a subject you would like us to discuss. These will be put into a box. Each Sunday from June 24 until some time in August, the pastor speaking the next Sunday will randomly draw a question from the box, read it to the congregation, and prepare a response to be given the following Sunday.

We will be asking the Elders of Spring Garden to screen the questions in advance. Not to protect our from difficulty, but to be sure the questions are appropriate for this time format. That said, we want to err on the side of being real and dealing with issues that are of concern to you. And we will not know what any of the questions are until we pull them out of the box. You might want to pray for us.

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