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First of all we would like to congratulate you on your engagement, we feel honored to support the entertainment of your wedding. We always strive for high quality and the best service, especially when it comes to weddings. To get a good perception of what your wishes are regarding entertainment, we have developed this question form.
Please note that we include our bookings fee in the price of the artist.

We look forward to finding you the best entertainment match to your wedding!

WANTED Bookings
'Cause we match music
1. Please enter the names of the bride and groom. *
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1a. Where are you from? *
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2. Can you give us your e-mail adres? *
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3. Do you have a (local) wedding planner? If yes, please note the name and contact information below.
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4. What is the date of your wedding? (if you already have a date in mind)
5. What will be location for your wedding? (leave 5 & 6 open if the location is not definite yet)
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6. Will there be a sound set-up available at the location?
7. How many people will attending your wedding? (approximately) *
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8. For which part of the wedding would the entertainment be? *
10. Is there a specific artist that you are interested in? *
11. In wich artist(s) are you interested? We will send you video's and price details of this artist(s). (go to question 15)
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12. What kind of live music would you like at your ceremonie?
14. What specific songs would you like to hear during the ceremonie on what moment?
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13. What kind of live music do you like for your wedding dinner?
14. What kind of live entertainment would you like at your wedding party?
15. What other requirements do you have when it comes to entertainment?
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16. Would you like to receive a contract to confirm all the bookings once they are discussed and confirmed?
17. Wat is your total entertainment budget?
18. Do you have any further remarks, questions or notes you'd like to discuss with us?
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We would like to thank you for answering all our questions. We are going to work on it and contact you within 5 work days.
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