Student Classroom Computer Use Contract

The computers at Campus High School are to be used for educational purposes. Students will be given the privilege to use the computers to work on specific objective, assignments and projects. Students must use the computers in a responsible manner. Students that use the computers for reasons not directly related to education will loose their privilege to use them. These uses shall include, but not be exclusive to, playing games, visiting unauthorized websites, unauthorized streaming of video or music, personal chatting or personal business. Any other actions considered inappropriate by teachers, teacher assistants, substitutes, administrators, etc. are also prohibited.
Students are to use the computers for educational purpose at all times and must not misuse the computers at any time including when a substitute is in charge. Students must agree to and obey these regulations to continue to use them. Failure to obey these rules and regulations could result in lose of computers privileges, removal from class, and lose of class credit. The following steps will be taken for students that violate these procedure.

1st Offense of the day - Student will be given a verbal warning
2nd Offense of the day - Student teacher conference (specific violation will be discussed)
3rd Offense of the day - Written warning (student will be asked to sign an agreement)
4th Offense of the day - Parent will be contacted (a written contract will be required)
5th Offense of the day - Student will loose computer privileges for the day and after the 3rd offense a parent conference will be required (additional discipline action may be implemented)

Students that loose computer privileges more than 3 time will be sent to discipline office for possible removal from class.

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