Pumping Legs for Water Virtual Ride
Dust off your bicycles and pump your legs, donate $5usd or more to Wildlife Environment of Zimbabwe. Lets Keep the spirit of the ride alive.

Ride anywhere in the world

Distance: 150 km
When: Ride anytime between the 1st and 30th of September
Minimum Entry fee: ZWL 500 ecocash/transfer Or USD $5 Cash

The money raised from Pumping Legs Virtual Ride will ensure that Hwange National Park and its wildlife continue to be provided with much needed tanks, solar panels, tools, fuel, spare parts and borehole pumps, to guarantee the continuity of this vital commodity.
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Bank Account Details
Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe, Main Street Branch
(Now known as First Capital Bank Limited)
Account Name: Wildlife and Environment Zim – Matabeleland Branch
Branch: Main Street, Bulawayo
Branch Code: 2307 (007 if doing internet trf)

FCA Account no: 2223098 (If paying by local RTGS/bond deposit)

Nostro Account no: 1249190 (If paying in forex from sources outside Zimbabwe)

Domestic Account no: 3569486 (If paying in forex from sources within Zimbabwe)

Ecocash Payments:
Merchant Number: 175 075
Name of Account: Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe
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Please note that when you make a payment you will put your reference below
I understand that I need to send proof of payment to bridget@dp.co.zw *
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