Seeding Regenerative Agriculture: Seed Group 2021 Application Form
You can help strengthen regenerative agriculture by participating as a Seed Group member in the Seeding Regenerative Agriculture Project.

The Seeding Regenerative Agricultural Project is a grant-funded project that works to identify and address obstacles to regenerative agriculture, with the goal of making it easier for more farmers and ranchers to protect their profitability and the health of their soils. The project works primarily with Seed Groups, or local communities of farmers and ranchers who have implemented or who are interested in implementing regenerative agricultural practices.

Regenerative Agriculture includes, but is not limited to:
--minimizing soil disturbance
--keeping soil covered
--minimizing external inputs
--maximizing biodiversity
--maintaining living root systems

In response to Covid-19, Seed Group activities through summer 2021 will be conducted virtually. These activities include

1) Cooperating on grants and other funding proposals for participants' farms/ranches.
2) Working with Dr. David Johnson and the team at the Sustainable Agricultural Science Center at Alcalde to do soil testing and on-field experiments about regenerative agriculture.
3) Compiling the knowledge that participants have about getting regenerative/sustainable practices to work under local conditions.
4) Identifying other projects we'd like to work on together.

Starting in summer 2021, or as soon as safely possible, Seed Group activities will also include
1) Field days, where participants learn sustainable/regenerative practices by helping to implement them on a working farm or ranch, and
2) Post-event meals for networking and knowledge-sharing. These meals are held during and/or after field days.

Seed Group members agree to make good-faith efforts to

--Participate in an intake interview (in-person or phone).
--Attend a kickoff meeting in person or virtually (unless you're joining the project after the kickoff meeting).
--Participate in field days (average of one per month) and post-event meals when these gatherings can be held safely. (We don't expect you to attend all events, but try to attend as many as you can.)
--Complete an evaluation survey about the project at the end of the year.

Seed Group members may also
--Host a field day (with support from project organizers)
--Receive new technologies to use and give feedback on
--Share regenerative practices that work for them
--Share obstacles to regenerative agriculture that they encounter

In recognition of their time and effort, Seed Group members are paid $300 per farm/ranch per year.

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