PARADE ENTRY FORM: Evanston Pride Parade 2020 "We're All Unicorns!"
**** PLEASE NOTE: THE PRIDE PARADE IS HAPPENING ON SATURDAY JUNE 6TH AT 12PM (previously planned for June 7th, but not anymore :) ****

The 2020 Parade Theme is "We're All Unicorns!" As you think about your parade entry, please be inspired by this mythical beast and make your entry explode with color and magic!

Thank you for your interest in the Evanston Pride Parade, and for your attention to accuracy and detail in this entry form. With questions, email
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INDEMNIFICATION PROVISIONS: In consideration of acceptance of this Application by The Main-Dempster Mile, an Illinois not for profit corporation (“the Association”), or Applicant’s participation in the 2020 Evanston's Pride Parade, and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is here-by acknowledged, the parties covenant and agree as follows. Applicant, identified below on this Application, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Association from and against all liability, loss, costs and expenses as a result of or arising from the Association’s acceptance of this Application or Applicant’s participation in the Evanston Pride Parade for the year 2020. Such indemnification shall extend to and include, but is not limited to, all of the Association’s trustees, directors, officers, Parade Team members, agents, volunteers, and all other persons or entities acting on its behalf. Such indemnification shall include all acts or omissions by Applicant, its directors, trustees, officers, members, agents, and all other persons or entities acting on its behalf. It is expressly understood and agreed that acceptance of this application by The Main-Dempster Mile, or Applicant’s participation in the 2020 Evanston Pride Parade, shall not create or cause any undertaking by the Association to be responsible in any way for any of Applicant’s acts or omissions. To that end the parties covenant and agree: *
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