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Art (drawing, painting, etc)
How well do you think you could explain entrepreneurship to a friend? *
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How important is it for you to learn the following things? *
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Learn how to use new tools and develop new skills.
Be creative in what your final project looks like.
Independently solve problems that present themselves during the project.
Present and communicate your work in a way you’re proud of.
Have you used these tools? *
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Used once or twice
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Power Sander
CAD (Computer Aided Design)
3D Printer
Vinyl Cutter
Screen Printer
Soldering Iron
Website Design
What kinds of jobs do you think you could get with the skills you develop in this program? *
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How confident are you in your ability to learn new skills? *
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Very confident
What works best for you when you learn a new skill? *
This doesn't help me
Sometime this helps me
I can learn from this
I really like this method of learning
Watching video tutorials
Reading about it
Having someone explain it
How confident are you that you could turn an idea into a real project? *
Not very confident
Super confident
If you get frustrated with a project, how do you feel about finishing it? *
Not worth it if the instructions aren't easy
Figuring things out is part of the process
What are you most looking forward to about this program? *
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