Mini We Day Registration 2016
If you’ve been enjoying our #weactforchange series, you won’t want to miss our FREE event of the year - Mini We Day!

Mini We Day is based on ‘We Day’, which began in Canada and spread to become an international movement aimed at motivating the youth of today to take action on issues prevalent in the world.

Mini We Day at UNSW aims to bring together passion-driven students with social entrepreneurs and leaders of social change to ignite the Power of WE. During the event, you’ll be able to listen to stories of inspiration, courage and change, engage with real issues of today and use this as a platform to act on your passions and become a change maker in your own right with our networking session at the end.

Our theme this year is ‘Growing from the Roots’, which will highlight how our speakers started to take action and the challenges they faced along the way. It is a fitting theme for our society, We Act UNSW, having to ‘grow from the roots’ ourselves as one of the newest student societies on campus.

After the event, you will have the opportunity to approach our speakers, plus a variety of other social organisations from our community, in an informal networking event with free nibbles.

Date: 4 October 2016
Time: 5pm - 8pm (including an informal networking session plus free snacks at the end)
Location: Chemical Science Theatre M17, UNSW
Cost: FREE
Speaker Line Up: We know you’re wondering who will be speaking at the event - keep an eye out on We Act UNSW's Facebook page to be the first to know when they are revealed!

We Act UNSW's Facebook page:

Register NOW as there are limited seats available!

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