Best Score Internship

We look for highly qualified high school students who can work in a fast paced environment. Interns are selected for a 6 week period/ 6 hours a week and can use the experience to fulfill volunteer hours. We prefer students with at least one year of tutoring experience but we encourage everyone to apply. After the successful completion of this internship, students will receive a recommendation letter and a certificate of completion.

-High School (unweighted) GPA of at least 85
- Minimum SAT score of 1800.
- Minimum PSAT Score of 150
- Ability to multi-task
- Strong communication skills
- Positive and self-motivated
- Prefer students interested in Teaching.

-Teaching support
-Working collaboratively and independently
-Administrative assistance
-Maintain tutoring worksheet supply
- Marketing
-Related duties as assigned

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In order to complete your application, please send your resume/transcript and SAT/PSAT scores to
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