PCB Winter 2018/19 Season Survey
Please let us know your plans for the next season of great PCB music making. The winter concert is slated for Sunday, January 20! Please complete and submit the survey by October 20, 2018.
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2. What is the town where you currently live? *
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3. What is your occupation and employer (for the program. If student, mark "student")? *
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4. Instrument (mark one only, please) *
5. Are you planning to play with PCB for the January 2019 concert? *
6. Have you played with PCB before? If yes, go to #9; if no, continue to #7 *
For New Members
Welcome to PCB! We want your experience to be both fulling and enjoyable. Please have a look at our band etiquette sheet so you will know what to expect. http://www.potsdamband.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/PCB_EtiquetteSheet.pdf
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8. How did you hear about PCB?
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9. Are you a High School student or younger? If yes, go to question 10. If no, go to #15
10. Students may participate in PCB on the recommendation of their school music teacher/band director. Recommendations can be emailed to potsdamcommunityband@gmail.com
11. We would like to include your parent/guardian on the band email list. Please enter their email address:
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12. Parent/guardian phone number (in case of emergency)
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13. All new students must submit a signed copy of the parent/guardian letter BEFORE you can participate. Please go to https://www.potsdamband.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/PCB_Student_Parent_Note_2018Jan.pdf. You can return it to PCB via email, or bring a paper copy to the first rehearsal.
14. Parents/guardians of student members will meet at 6:30 pm the evening of the first PCB rehearsal in November. This is required for both new AND returning students!
The first three rehearsals will be from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Potsdam High School band room. All other rehearsals will be at the Crane School of Music. To play the concert, each band member must attend at least three rehearsals PLUS the dress rehearsal. Exceptions can only be approved by the director. Please email potsdamcommunityband@gmail.com if this situation applies to you.
15. Please indicate your availability on the following dates: *
Monday, 11/12 (PCS Band Room)
Monday, 11/26 (PCS Band Room)
Monday, 12/10 (PCS Band Room)
Monday, 1/7 (Crane C107)
Thursday, 1/10 (Crane C107)
Monday, 1/14 (Crane C107)
Thursday, 1/17 (Dress rehearsal--Hosmer) 7:00-9:30
Sunday, 1/20 (concert at 3:00 pm)
16. Any comments on your availability?
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17. Do you have suggestions for music you would like the band to play?
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18. Returning members: Would you like to nominate anyone to section leader in your section? Please let us know why.
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19. Do you know of someone who might like to join PCB? Give us their name and email address and we'll send them a newsletter and survey.
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20. Any other comments?
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