Room Booking Requests
Rooms can only be requested by, and booked for SOAS Students' Union Societies & Sports Clubs. Please be aware that security may be charged for at some events depending on the capacity; reputation of speaker invited; as well as the day and venue (mandatory for out of hours bookings).

Having filled out the form below a meeting may be scheduled to discuss any further arrangements to support you in hosting the event!

Please ensure that you make a booking request at least 5 working days before the event as rooms go very quickly, especially during term time. Confirmation will come from timetabling normally in three days.

Once your booking has been confirmed, please do not contact the School's timetabling department if you have any queries or need to update us with information, please contact Jesse directly -
Date of Event *
e.g. 21/01/2018. This should be at least 5 days in advance
Start and End time *
We can only book rooms on the hour e.g. 1800 - 2100. (Note: It is easier to get a 1 hour slot)
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Number of people attending *
We need to have an accurate idea of how many people are expected to come so we can allocate you an appropriate room as we cannot book rooms according to rooms (i.e. it's by capacity rather than the class itself)
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Society or Sports Club Name *
(Rooms can only be booked for SOAS Sports Clubs and Societies)
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Principal organiser of the event *
This person will be responsible for the event and must be there.
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SOAS Student E-mail address of Principal organiser *
This person will be responsible for the event and must be there. If this is not a email address the booking request will be rejected
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Mobile Number of Principal organiser *
This person will be responsible for the event and must be there.
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Event Name/Reason for the Room Booking *
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Describe the event in as much detail as possible and the specific room you want if you know it is free. *
Include speaker names & activity details. This text may be used to advertise your event.
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Will there be external attendees? *
Does the event have a co-host, partner organisation or sponsor? *
If yes, please provide details below
Please provide co-host, partner organisation or sponsor details/information
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Do you have a risk assesment for the event? *
A risk assessment shows you have considered the health and safety of attendees and have mitigated for any dangers and other risks. You can get a risk assessment form here:
Will there be external speakers? *
An external speaker is anyone who is not a SOAS Student or SOAS Staff Member.
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