Emma Jewel Charter Academy E-Learning
Emma Jewel Charter Academy's E-Learning design offers a safe, alternative extension of your school. This educational option is robust and provides an equivalent experience to the traditional classroom. Scholars will learn and collaborate with their peers and teacher in a virtual platform. Educational excellence and high expectations remain through the E-Learning option.

This program will be different than distance learning which took place during the emergency school closing, it will include a daily required schedule and live instruction from your scholar's teacher.

This form is ONLY for scholars of Emma Jewel Charter Academy (one form per scholar please).

Please contact the front office if you have any questions.
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If your school offered an E-Learning opportunity as an educational option, would you register for that program? Your scholar would learn from home from their assigned teacher for a minimum of the first nine weeks. Scholar participation and all instruction will occur during normal school hours. *
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