Entrepreneur Business Breakthrough Survey
Thanks for telling me all your secrets about growing your business or startup!

I'm developing a new program that will support early and mid-stage entrepreneurs. Special shoutout to those primarily selling online—it's tough out there!

This survey is designed to help me better understand what entrepreneurs need and want for their businesses to flourish so my program can serve them well.

I know you need to get back to making that $$, so this survey should only take about 4 minutes. Thank you thank you!

How long have you been an entrepreneur? *
What do you love about entrepreneurship?
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If you could wave a magic wand, what about your business or entrepreneurship would you improve or change? *
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Do you do any type of professional development? *
If yes, which of the following have you used/purchased in the past year?
What topics related to running your business interest you? Choose all that apply. *
Who do you rely on for support when the going gets tough in your business?
Have you ever looked into business coaching? *
Rank your interest in entrepreneur coaching based on your current awareness and understanding of what they do. *
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What's the #1 thing you would need know or understand about coaching to move closer to a 5? *
OPTIONAL: would you like to know when I launch the program? Enter your email address and I'll let you know (and send a special rate on the final product as my thanks!). I'm an only child, so I won't share your email with anyone.
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