Parent Climate Survey (Online)
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This school communicates effectively to all families
I am informed about what is going on at this school.
This school communicates with me about my child's progress.
This school has clear behavior rules that are consistently applied to all students
The school work my child is assigned is relevant to his/her future success
My child's teacher makes the purpose of each lesson clear to my child.
I am informed about the progress toward the improvement goals of the school
My child understands the expectations and standards of the school
This school believes and expects that all students can meet state standards
I understand the expectations and standards of this school
The principal of this school is committed to quality education
The principal at this school listens to my ideas/concerns
School employees are respectful and courteous of one another
I believe adults in this school care about my child
This school is orderly and supports learning
Bullying/harassment is not tolerated in this school
Teachers in this school provide students with a variety of learning opportunities
My child feels safe at school
In this school, time is spent doing work that students find useful and interesting
Most of the students at this school are well-behaved
This school has activities to celebrate different cultures, including mine
Parents/families participate in important decisions about their child's education
The improvement goals of this school are shared with all parents
Teachers accommodate my child's special needs by adjusting instruction
I am given opportunities to discuss my child's progress at school
My child's teacher informs me, in a timely manner, of the expectations of my child
Struggling students receive early interventions and additional help at this school
Additional help is available to my child if he/she needs it
I feel confident in my ability to support my child's learning at home
I am greeted warmly when I call or visit the school
I understand the steps my child needs to take in order to go to college
My child's teachers know my child well
I know special programs are available at the school or the district to help my child.
I am invited to classrooms to observe teaching and learning
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