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So you wanna be a guest on InTalksicated? InTalksicated is an uncensored drinking comedy variety talk show & therapy session that gets personal and showcases long form conversations with comedians, creators and various guests. This show is not for cagey bitches - so if you aren't down to get personal, this isn't the show for you! But if you are - tell me about yourself below! Give me the juice!

Some frequent and consistent topics on the show include:
Outlooks on life
Stories of failure (what you learned/how you fucked up/what you learned about yourself)
Sex stuff (the juicier the better)
Dating (why it’s hard, how to do it, experiences, etc) and relationships (who broke your heart, what did you learn, how do you love, how do you deal with hurt)
Self help/discovery (what are the dark aspects of yourself and how have you faced them, what are you doing to be better, what do you still have to learn)
Pet peeves
Confidence and insecurities,
Body image issues
Pop culture influences (what music/movies inspired you and why)

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