Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project - Diver Registration
Welcome kelp forest restoration enthusiasts,

In the past eight years Monterey has lost much of its kelp forest habitat due to an explosion of hungry purple and red sea urchins. Volunteer divers like you will be trained to cull urchins at Tanker's Reef in Monterey, so that the former kelp forest can be restored. We demonstrated to the Fish and Game Commission that trained volunteer divers can cull urchins and restore kelp without harming other marine life on the reef.  We are asking for permission to expand the project to urchin barrens within the Marine Protected Areas of Monterey.

All divers who plan to cull urchins on this project please register through the G2KR PORTAL.

Registered divers who are trained through our PADI or NAUI Kelp Forest Restoration Diver program will learn proper culling technique, how to participate in organized dive efforts, and how to enter data correctly. Registered divers will have a chance to win amazing prizes for their participation. For information about taking the kelp restoration specialist certification please visit

Registered divers who do not complete our Kelp Forest Restoration Diver program will be able to cull urchins in areas outside of the project study grid. The data you enter will be a valuable contribution to the project, whether you take the class or not. Not entering data is detrimental to project success.  Registered divers will receive a registration number and a link to a data portal where they can log their dive.  

Step 1.  Register and find training at THE G2KR PORTAL

Divers must have a valid recreational fishing license (except on July 4 and Labor Day) 

For up-to-the-minute COVID-19 information, enter Monterey County, Outdoor Recreation at:

Questions? Contact
View data by permission.

This project is a collaboration of the Giant Giant Kelp Restoration Project, Ocean Protection Council, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Reef Check California.

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