Messiah CRC - Spiritual Gift Discovery Tool
Spiritual Gifts are supernatural gifts, talents, dispositions, and/or abilities that God uses in Christians to fulfill the mission of the church. Your individual gifts help the Church function and help spread the good news of Christ's forgiveness and love. Knowing your Spiritual Gifts can help you grow in your relationship with Christ and help you discern how God may be leading you to serve Him. Using your Spiritual Gifts in service, outside of the church and within, can give you more satisfaction and joy in your ministry!

This test will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Be sure to read over each questions, but don't feel that you need to over-analyze them. Your gut feeling is usually a good one. There are enough questions to provide reliably accurate results even if the wording on a few particular questions might seem to trip you up. The results from your Spiritual Gifts Inventory will be sent to a spreadsheet in the church office. Sometime soon after you complete the Discovery Tool, we will contact you with a list of your top 5 Spiritual Gifts and scores. We will also include a description of the various gifts and how you might consider using them here at Messiah and in the community around us. Please look up your top gifts and read about ways you can, or perhaps already are, serving by using your gifts!

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