Australian Newsroom Mapping Project: Local news database submission form
The Public Interest Journalism Initiative is building a database of local news outlets and we need your help to identify them all. By filling out the short form below, you'll help ensure your local news outlets are included in the database

What do we mean by local outlets? Local news outlets could be a newspaper, newsletter, website, radio, or television station that provides local news in your area. If you know of a less conventional news outlet, we’d love to hear about it!

What do we mean by local news? In particular, we're interested in outlets that independently cover local stories, local government, local courts, schools, hospitals and events taking place in your community. They usually have a specific geographic area that they cover (meaning a town, a local government area, or a small region).

Unsure about a news outlet? If in doubt, add it anyway! Our research team will be investigating every outlet to determine whether it fits the criteria.

Know of more than one local news outlet? Great! Just refill the survey as many times as you need.

Any questions about this project should be directed to Gary Dickson, Research & Projects Manager:
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What is the name of the local news outlet? *
What format(s) does this local news outlet publish in? *
Who owns this local news outlet?
If you know the name of the company that owns the local news outlet, please include it here. If you do not know or if the outlet is published by an individual and is not a registered company, please leave this question blank.
Please provide any contact information for the outlet that you can.
Ideally, that would be a phone number, email address or website, but if you know the outlet's Facebook or Twitter page, that's useful too.
Which area(s) does this local news outlet cover?
Please indicate the town or local government area that this local news outlet covers. If you don't know, please leave it blank.
In which state or territory does this local news outlet operate?
Is there any other information you wish to provide?
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