Furnal Equinox 2020 - Panel Submissions
All information entered into this form is kept private for use only within the confines of the convention and will not be shared. We ask that the information you provide be accurate. If any of the information below changes in the lead up to the convention, you are encouraged to email the Programming Team.
Panel Name *
What would you like to call your panel?
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Furry Name *
This will be the name that we will use for you on Sched.
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Contact E-mail? *
This e-mail will be used to contact you if we accept your panel, as well as correspondences regarding your panel.
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What is a phone number that we can use to reach you at the convention? *
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Panel Description *
This description will be provided on Sched if your panel has been selected. The Programming Team will work with you do refine the description as needed in keeping with our promise of quality.
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Expected Panel Length *
An hour is typical, including time for Q&A.
Desired Programming Track *
Please select the track that you feel best fits your panel.
Preferred Day and Time Slot *
We do our very best to accommodate your preferences, however, that is not always possible. Please keep in mind that certain days and certain times are in much greater demand than others, and so nothing is guaranteed. We promise we will work with you, however, to meet your preference as closely as possible.
Is this an After Dark panel? *
Will this panel contain information considered to be adult or mature in nature? If you are uncertain, select YES then reach out to the Programming Team and we will discuss with you and manually adjust as needed. NOTE: After Dark panels are reviewed with a stricter look by staff due to the sensitive nature of the material being presented. We take on only so many AD panels, and they may only be scheduled in the evening and night time slots.
Please make sure to list all the times you will NOT be available to hold your panel. This is used for scheduling purposes. Rescheduling based on information NOT given here will be difficult.
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Your Expertise of Knowledge *
Sometimes the panels submitted involve discussing sensitive topics or topics that require formal knowledge or expertise. What training/expertise/knowledge do you and your panelists have that shows you qualify to host this panel?
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Technical Resource Requirements
Any other requirements you might want or need for your presentation should be added to the additional information section. Please keep in mind we may be unable to meet your request, depending on its nature. Likewise, if you require the connectivity of a laptop or other device to our A/V equipment, you MUST include what output your device requires in order to connect to our equipment and is your responsibility to ensure we are made aware well before the event.
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