Spanish Language Skill Assessment
In order to proceed with the test, please answer the following preliminary questions.
There are four parts:
1. About you
2. Multiple choice
3. Translation
4. Composition
You will be notified of your results.
If any further information is required, we will contact you.
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Please indicate your full name.
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Are you a true beginner (this means that you have no knowledge of Spanish at all)? True beginners cannot count to 20 in Spanish.
If you answered "no" in the previous question, please indicate for how many years you studied Spanish, formally or not.
This includes Spanish you might have learned as a younger child.
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Have you ever studied at an institution in which the primary language of instruction was Spanish?
If you answered "yes" at the previous question, please indicate which of the following institution(s), or equivalent, you attended:
If you have ever studied Spanish formally, please indicate the most recent level of study (e.g. up to which grade in high school, which courses at university, etc.).
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Are your parents native speakers of Spanish?
If you have ever lived for an extended period of time in a Spanish-speaking country or region, please indicate the region and the time period in question.
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If you are a registered Ryerson program student, please indicate your program and year of study.
Note: Engineering students are restricted in the levels of language courses they are allowed to take as part of their program. You may not be allowed to take Spanish if the level is too low for your program.
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Are you considering taking a Spanish courses offered through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education (CSPN courses), while not being registered as a program student at Ryerson?
Please attempt only those questions to which you know the answers. Do not try to guess the answers. When you feel you have reached your level of competence and begin guessing, STOP and proceed to the remaining sections.
Selección múltiple
Mi hermano ______________________ en Argentina.
¿Cuántos estudiantes __________________ en su clase de español?
Elena quiere ver a sus amigas.
Me gusta ________________________por la mañana.
¿Vas a venir a la fiesta __________________?
¿Es usted mexicana?
¿Le gustan los deportes?
¿Qué hora es?
Yo hablo japonés _________________________.
¿Estudia Pedro para las clases de matemáticas?
Para _______________ este libro es muy interesante.
¿Cuál es tu deporte favorito?
¿Vas a comprar un regalo para tu abuela?
Las naranjas de California son deliciosas.
Yo __________ a la universidad desde 1970 hasta 1974.
Estos libros son de Mariana.
¿Cuántas personas van a venir a tu fiesta?
Pedro viajó ___________________avión.
¿Por qué prefieres tomar el autobús para ir a trabajar?
Las escuelas públicas _________________ por el gobierno.
El examen de matemáticas fue muy difícil.
El reloj habría funcionado, si tú no lo ________________ roto.
Dudo que yo ______________ a la fiesta.
¿Vendrás mañana a la fiesta de mi hermana?
Pablo González ha sido elegido diputado en las pasadas elecciones nacionales.
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